The Internet

The Internet is without doubt the greatest mass communication medium in the world today. There has simply not been anything like it before and I believe it is rapidly superseding the more traditional mass media of television, radio and press. Thats not to say they don't have a role to play but when you look at the cost of TV Radio and Press on the Gold Coast they are so costly that it is beyond the reach of the 20,000 small businesses located here.

Nonetheless, the Internet is also chaotic and requires a very good understanding to be able to harness the communication power. How you work out how to position and sell your product in cyberspace is a challenge but potentially very rewarding. There is much to say on the subject and the Marketing Mentor knows a thing or two about this benevolent binary beast. Marketing, advertising and selling just got easier.


Only recently the 1 billion user mark world wide was past and thats 1000,000,000 people who are ready to participate.

 The Marketing Mentor