The Marketing Mentor


This contemporary service based business is called the Marketing Mentor. 

A mentor means a counsellor, guide or adviser. A mentor often assumes a position of trust because in the traditional sense a mentor is often sought out for their wise and practical counsel based on real life experience.  

In Star Wars the wise one was called Obi Wan Kenobi and he was the ultimate mentor or guide when dealing with the universal force.  While the Marketing Mentor may not claim to be quite that wise, he can become your guide on the Gold Coast with the very thing that often underpins successful business growth. Marketing is the creative art of positioning a product or service in the market place and in front of the right target market. In this sense, marketing and sales are inextricably linked and as Ogilvy once said nothing happens in this world until someone sells something to someone else.  

The theorist may argue that sales is a tool of marketing. Not necessarily so. When you really understand sales and all that goes with it, then understanding the broader marketing function is much clearer and takes on a more practical role. You could hire a consultant or ask a friend who has a measure of business success. You could commission a marketing and research company or an advertising agency. You could hire an academic but we don't recommend it. There are many choices but this one is different. The Marketing Mentor becomes a colleague and a business friend who is diplomatic and constructive in delivering the truth and wise about the use of Media and creative elements and creative services. This is your own personal and confidential mentor who for a single annual investment fee will help guide you and be a sounding board and source of ideas and advice and cohesion.


Expectations For just a small annual fee Kent Bayley becomes your marketing mentor. Kent has many years experience on the ground with media and creative and knows how and where to get the right advice, the best media and confidentially assist you in handling the marketing stuff you never get around to. The Marketing Mentor will only take on a limited number of clients ensuring sufficient time is available to you. We want to exceed your expectations and gain your referral and to do that the service has to be good. This is your opportunity to organise that area of your business that is often overlooked. Call the marketing Mentor right now and get started, it makes sense. 


1.     Mass media including radio, television, press and magazines

2.     Creative ideas that are relevant to your business

3.     Your target market and how to communicate with them

4.     Copy writing guidance and ideas

5.     The role your Web site should play

6.     Positioning statements, logos and creative

7.     Relevant and affordable marketing plans

8.     Using minor media effectively

9.     Collateral, physical evidence and e-marketing tools

10.   Dealing and communicating with the media

11.   Product and business launches

12.   Speeches and presentations



The Marketing Mentor