Sales and Marketing

The terms "sales and marketing" are often used in the same breath and in part for good reason. However I once heard an analogy for the two which I think provides  a good idea of the different functions. It goes this way, "Marketing" gets the product on the shelf and "Sales" gets it off the shelf and into the trolley". 

So Marketing is about positioning the product in the market in front of the prospective buyer and by adding value in one way or another claiming a price that will attract buyers. Now the buyer will have needs and wants and the two are very different in modern society. You guessed it, we often place "wants" first, because they appear to bring happiness and then sometimes justify the purchase because of "need". 

So with marketing it is best to offer a product that will fulfill the "need" and satisfy the "want". When you place the product in the market place then advertising in one form or another tells the market the product is available and represents great value because this offering really does fulfill your all your wants.  

Sales requires quite different skills to Marketing to execute but the two are inextricably linked and don't let the theorist tell you otherwise. The Marketing Mentor has first hand experience in both areas and with plenty of runs on the board can assist you with both.

The Marketing Mentor