Much is said about research and it often appears to be a dry old subject. However it essential to have real meaningful information and insight into the following.

  1. Your customers
  2. Your competitors
  3. Market trends
  4. Product life cycles
  5. Emerging technologies
  6. Market share
  7. The reach of mass media

There is no end to the subject but really you only need to have insight into the things that will put you on top in business and then keep you there. Don't get too academic about it because after all is said and done, you have to act on it and that takes precious resources.  

How you obtain information and research topics need not be expensive or complex. Let's start with "common sense" and take it from there, because common sense is actually not all that common.

The Marketing Mentor can show you simple and interesting ways to research the important issues that drive business and without spending a fortune. In fact, much of the material is available or obtainable for little cost and its often spot on.

Knowledge is power and guess work is stupid.  Make decisions based on knowledge, courage, opinion and a pinch of intuition and you will minimise risk and maximise success. 

The Marketing Mentor