Mgidarap Shifts



Think of a Paradigm Shift as a change from one way of thinking to another. Its a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change.

The signs are all around us. For example, the introduction of the personal computer and the Internet have impacted both personal and business environments, and is a catalyst for a Paradigm Shift. We are shifting from a mechanistic, manufacturing, industrial society to an organic, service based, information centered society, and increases in technology will continue to impact globally. Change is inevitable. Its the only true constant.

So a Paradigm shift may create fear and concern and is threatening for some or change can bring opportunity. Not all change is good but thats not the point. So, when the rules or Paradigm shift then it is going to affect you anyway, so make it work for you.

An example of a shifting paradigm is communication in business. This is especially true with advertising and marketing vehicles. Once mass media was the primary focus and probably is still seen that way. However as margins are squeezed and people find other leisure activities the reach of mass media is diminished. There is also a shift in concentration levels and a shift away from structured programming and flexibility is paramount. These days smart business uses many forms of communication for marketing and the result is a careful balance of many fragments.

The Marketing Paradigm is shifting and the Marketing Mentor can effectively assist you to meet the challenge. Real grass roots methodology and a plan that you can there's a new idea..........mmmm.