Mass Media 

I was raised on a diet of mass media and first started working in the industry in the 70’s. In fact because of lifestyle and programming mass media is often seen as the Shangrila of advertising. Specifically, this includes television, radio and press at the core and maybe outdoor signage. However these were the days when the introduction of the fax machine was heralded as a technological breakthrough in the office and it was. In fact a few years later we couldn’t imagine life without it but who cares now with email and document scanning. Then came the computer and the mobile phone and now we can’t imagine a life without them either. The paradigm just keeps moving and SME doesn’t notice and mass media doesn’t care.

So now let’s look at people’s leisure habits. So much to choose from including, cheap airfares, quick holidays, IPods holding thousands of music tracks, DVD and CD music, satellite navigation to assist and entertainment on a grand scale everywhere. Let me tell you the paradigm has changed and mass media is no longer “mass’ and is intrinsically wasteful and therefore expensive with a declining reach. Maybe it should be called “mess media” because at least on the Gold Coast the three local FM stations don’t even reach 50% of the available audience. That’s very, very poor and you shouldn’t have to pay for their failure. Even the cable people who said they would never have commercials now do and it’s growing. Soon digital radio will place total control in the hands of the listen to surf as they see fit and the industry doesn’t even see the threat coming. UTube gets far more interest than Big Brother these days and so it should.

So the bottom line is that using mass media when advertising/marketing is credible but only if it’s used very carefully and only if cost effective. If media reps try and sell you a “package” then simply don’t take it as there is no measurable value except to them. Mass media in many ways is akin to Jurassic Park and there are now many other forms of media available that are far cheaper and far, far more effective and potentially creative.

The Marketing Mentor will field all the calls from media reps for you if you wish and if they don’t have the right answers then they won’t get you hard earned dollar. That alone for many should go a long way toward savings the cost of a full year with my services if you add the time in that it saves you too.


The Marketing Mentor